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Helpful Tips For Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented reality is increasingly becoming a relevant part of our economy. The term is also used more and more frequently in day-to-day business. Especially when it comes to marketing matters, augmented reality can also be used in a variety of ways. Here you can find out exactly what augmented reality marketing is and how this strategy can be used in companies.

Definition: Augmented-Reality-Marketing

The term augmented reality (AR) has been appearing more and more frequently for some time. Translated, the term means something like “augmented reality”. In short, this means that our reality is being expanded by digital elements and other technical aids . Virtual reality is also a related term that helps to understand the topic. Both augmented reality and virtual reality are members of the reality virtual continuum family. Accordingly, augmented reality includes reality and virtual elements.

This brings us to the question of what exactly augmented reality marketing is. The answer is simple: AR gives marketers the ability to transform a static object, like a simple printed ad or a newspaper cover, into an immersive 3D experience. In most cases, the whole thing happens through mobile devices and the virtual extension on the displays.

Are you curious about how to use augmented reality for marketing purposes? Then you will find 3 helpful tips for your augmented reality marketing here.

Tip 1: The proof of the pudding is in the studying

Customers have always preferred to try products before buying them. Fitting rooms, cosmetics samples, car test drives and many other similar concepts testify to the effectiveness of this sales strategy.

This is where augmented reality comes into play. Enhanced Shopping Experiences .

These enhanced experiences are among the current trends in the retail industry. AR allows potential customers to try on makeup, clothing, and a wide range of household products without having to interact with them directly. AR eliminates the need for a large physical inventory and allows customers to try on dozens or even hundreds of products to ultimately find the product that best suits their needs.

Tipp 2: Augmented-Reality und B2B

Augmented Reality has been transforming the B2B customer/vendor experience in a number of ways for some time now. Additionally, the battle in the B2B sales process has always been a tug-of-war between customer expectations and the limits of what a vendor can realistically offer. If we logically consider the possibilities that AR brings, it turns out that the entire chain of the sales process can be significantly improved.

One of the key areas where AR can potentially improve B2B sales is in creating dynamic sales presentations. In the past, sales reps were provided with brochures, flyers, and maybe a PowerPoint presentation. In contrast, sales reps are now equipped with a digital device that allows them to access bespoke augmented reality applications that provide a 360-degree virtual view of their product range. It’s not hard to see which sales team will have the upper hand in the market.

So what does that tell us: AR sales tools in the B2B area offer the opportunity to present products to customers in as much detail as possible and offer them the opportunity for an impressive interaction. The range of possibilities here is limitless: It ranges from an overview at the highest level to a detailed inspection of individual components. The product is thus brought into the meeting room through AR and gives customers better access to the information necessary for decision-making.

Tip 3: Arouse enthusiasm for the brand

Let’s come to the third and final tip of today’s article. Augmented reality can also be used as part of an indirect sales and marketing strategy – we have now discovered that. However, while previous AR applications have focused on direct tactics to facilitate sales, AR can also be used to enhance the status of the brand itself .

Let’s take food and beverages as an example. It is not uncommon for advertising posters and labels on products to allow users to open a virtual AR window on the product. Additional information, entertaining content or small games can often be used there to pass the time. In this way, the routine of everyday life is broken up with an augmented reality experience, and the company succeeds in generating attention, generating discussions and strengthening the brand.

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