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Gadgets In E-shops: When An E-shop Knows Exactly What You Want

Personalization can address not only you but also people who are very similar to you based on data and behavior. A higher degree of personalization is predictive customization, which can predict the behavior, wishes, and needs of the customer and precisely adapt the product range. You don’t have to search for suitable categories or products for you for so long, and the e-shop conversion rate increases. So the most important thing is the ratio of visitors and the ratio of those who actually buy.

Personalization on the e-shop works on the basis of obtaining behavioral, technical, and contextual data about the user. They can influence what is displayed, for example, when you visit the e-shop again.

When an E-shop knows a lot about you

When ordering on the e-shop, no one wants to keep contact details. It’s even more annoying on a mobile. Therefore, the best e-shops will fill in all the data they can find out in advance. Either based on your registration, previous orders, or data that can be obtained legally. These will be automatically filled in by the e-shop for you, for example, when ordering (after entering the ID number, the company data will be entered automatically, the city will be filled in with the postal code, etc.).

The shopping cart personalizes the nearest stores and collection points according to your location or automatically adjusts the transport prices according to the place of delivery of the order.

A beautiful example is the repeated, so-called retention purchases. Based on your shopping behavior and the behavior of others, the e-shop can assume that you want to buy the same or similar goods again and will send you information about it with a completed purchase order. This is used, for example, in pet food.

When the E-shop Communicates with you in Person

If the e-shop can communicate with us in person, this communication contributes to the creation of a positive perception and to the fact that we return to the e-shop again.

Personalized e-mails, e-mails with a personal address, but also e-mails intended for name days, registration anniversaries, or the first purchase have a higher success rate. It is important to combine the obtained current and historical data about the user (IP address, e-mail, telephone, address, order history, and ratings), including the devices on which he visits the e-shop (mobile phone, tablet, computer).

When you find everything easily in the E-shop

The results that appear when searching on large e-shops can be customized so that they easily lead the e-shop visitor to their destination. This speeds up the path to products and at the same time makes it easier to order products.

Today, sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence are used to rank search engine whisper terms and overall search results. She can recognize and correctly assign misspellings to the right words, she can offer a term that someone like you was looking for, but in the end, she bought something else. The e-shop thus sorts the results according to sales and their availability

When an E-shop thinks

Everyone who visits e-shops will surely know their aggressive and illogical elements and components. The most annoying format is a pop-up window. It is a pop-up window that flashes at us after a few seconds and offers us a discount for e-mail, registration, and the like. At the same time, we have no idea what the e-shop offers.

It is also a nuisance to hide the personal data collection consent bar on every other subpage we visit. Also if this bar covers half of the display on the mobile.

People are also discouraged by free shipping information after purchasing another, of course, more expensive product. Free shipping information pops up when you add a product to your cart. This offer should only be shown for a small money gap.

And clever e-shops don’t do it or they do it wisely and thoughtfully so as not to discourage and anger us.

We Shop where it is easy to Shop

The collection of our data and data contributes to everything that adapts. The data is then used primarily to show us more relevant content. This way, the e-shop saves our time and at the same time improves our decision-making when buying products.

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