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Electronic Signature: Why Marketing Departments Should Also Be Interested

Security, time-saving… The electronic signature is more and more essential within companies and offers many advantages for simplifying the marketing process.

The crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic and the successive confinements have accelerated the digitalization of companies for more than a year, and the electronic signature is part of the solutions implemented within many departments, whether acts of large groups or small and medium-sized businesses.

Marketing and e-commerce departments also have every interest in adopting it. Thanks to it, the marketing validation processes are done more quickly, making inter-team exchanges more efficient.

Because the advantages of e-signature are numerous: here are a few.

The advantages of electronic signatures

Reduced lead times

The electronic signature is a technical and legal process that frees both distance and time by avoiding the need for a handwritten signature.

The documents no longer need to be mailed before being signed or scanned, and no one has to travel anymore, whatever the nature of the paper (sales, suppliers, HR, etc.).

Savings for Marketing Services

For a marketing department, dematerialization makes it possible to make special savings to invest in the essential.

In particular, less paper is used, whether printing, sending, or archiving.

Guaranteed traceability

When individual consent and approves a digital document, each digital signature is accompanied by a certificate (also digital), which allows all changes made to a signed copy to be traced. The perpetrators can be identified in this way.

A valuable process in all sectors

The electronic signature is changing the daily life of many sectors: marketing, legal, real estate, insurance, HR, etc.

It also saves precious time for consumers.

Tools that complement the simple electronic signature

Electronic signature providers offer valuable additional tools to an e-commerce business as well.

Your sign thus makes it possible to follow the document validation process in real-time, to send a notification when a signature is validated.

It also includes automatic reminders and electronic storage. In addition, it also offers model procedures, and this allows a service to organize itself better.

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