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Data Security On Your Home Computer – Tips For Backups And Restoration

Many a home computer is neglected by its owner, updates and virus protection are not a high priority…

But when something happens and data disappears, you suddenly realize that you actually saved important documents and all the souvenir photos from the wedding are gone too…

Why data security for private users?

Many private users don’t waste a second thinking about data security on their computer. This is mainly because most people have the feeling that nothing important can be lost. But that’s not really correct.

Whether you like it or not, over time a lot of documents that have a certain importance will accumulate on your private computer. Emails that you once saved, information about the club or events with friends (wedding), everything is now done and organized on the computer. Last but not least, there are all the photos and videos that you take with your smartphone and that need to be saved.

In addition, more and more people are using their personal PC for work or at least related things, such as tax returns. It’s completely normal to save things that you definitely don’t want to lose.

In other words, data security is also becoming increasingly important for private users.

What are the options?

In order to always keep the data on your computer safe, two factors are particularly important. These are regular backups (backups) and the ability to restore lost data.

It is also important to prevent problems in advance. And this is best done like this:

  • Prevent viruses – Computer viruses are a threat to data security. Viruses can destroy individual files as well as the entire system. In principle, they pose the greatest danger.
  • Keep hardware up to date – Another problem is hardware. If the old hard drive suddenly gives up the ghost, everything is gone and specialists charge a lot of money for data recovery.
  • Rethink how you handle data – You should definitely reflect and consider whether you are handling your data correctly. In other words, how are these stored and organized? Are unnecessary things deleted regularly? And so forth.

Create regular backups

Backups must be made at regular intervals. This requires an external storage option, such as an external hard drive. Anyone who owns an Apple computer is in luck. Automatic backups are very easy to implement with a Mac and work almost completely without any settings from the user.

However, with Windows it’s not much more difficult. However, you have to allow a little more time to set up regular backups.

Backups can also be automated. This ensures that the latest version of your system is always available.

The backup is pretty much the best option overall. Especially when it comes to ensuring security for the entire system.

Online tools as an alternative

In the age of the Internet, online tools represent an interesting alternative. They make it possible to save data online and even edit it from different locations and computers.

Here too, however, it must be borne in mind that this data is also exposed to a certain risk. Accordingly, it always makes sense to ensure more data security yourself and to secure everything that is important.

If you no longer need your old PC

Have you ever thought about what happens when you no longer need your old PC? How do you ensure your data is safe long-term?

Honestly, if you think that you can just click “Delete” and your data is gone, then you are wrong. Deleting data is not that easy. Much can be restored.

Have you ever heard of IT remarketing?

IT remarketing is about selling your old PC . This is then upgraded and reused again. This has many advantages. You’ll still get a few euros for your old box and you’ll help protect the environment by generating less electronic waste.

There are many companies that want to take over your old computer and refurbish it. However, it is important that they know how to delete data correctly. Your data protection should be at the top of the list here.

There is now special software that makes it possible to completely erase your hard drive. This way you can be sure that a new owner cannot access your data.

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