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Cloud Growth Predictions For 2021

The coronavirus pandemic in which we are immersed brings to light great unknowns in all sectors. The economic crisis, which is now irreversible and which we will have to get out of as soon as possible, adds new uncertainties to the global scenario.

Now that November has arrived, it is time for us to start asking ourselves what the Cloud landscape will look like in 2021. Will the market for Cloud services and solutions grow? Will it holds up, will it suffer losses? If the market increases, in what proportion will it do so?

To understand how we can shape the image of the Cloud market in 2021, we have to take a look at what happened in 2019, and what happened in the present 2020. According to data from IDC, the global market for public cloud services, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS), grew 26% year-on-year in 2019, with revenues that totaled $ 233.4 billion.

If we look back a little further, this same market has doubled in value since 2016, with the combined spending on IaaS and PaaS alone almost tripling. What does this mean? That there is increasing dependence in companies on infrastructure and platforms in the Cloud for tasks such as application deployment, and also on SaaS solutions.

The Pandemic Has Accelerated Digital Transformation On All Fronts

One of the main consequences of the pandemic in the Cloud Computing sector is that all trends in digitization have accelerated. The pandemic has pushed us to embrace telecommuting like never before, and many companies that expressed doubts about the advisability of digitization, have cleared them at a stroke.

The Cloud is configured as the first option for many companies that are no longer just niche companies like a few years ago, but that base all the digital activities on which they depend on this option.

According to our reviewer, Research Director for Cloud Infrastructure Services at IDC, “Today’s economic uncertainty is drawing new attention to the fundamental benefits of IaaS: low financial commitment, flexibility to support business agility, and operational resilience.”

The cost optimization and resilience that an IaaS solution brings to the business have become the main drivers of IT investment decisions. COVID-19 has accelerated cloud adoption in more traditional organizations, and digital service providers are constantly growing for this reason.

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