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Telecommuting: 6 Tricks To Save Energy

Holidays are over, and it’s time to go back to school for everyone. Do you also have to go back to the office? Or can you continue teleworking? If your case is the second, you will love today’s post because we will give you some tricks so that you can save something on your electricity bill.

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Expenses of working remotely, how to save energy?

If you still do not have a date to return to the office or you have the tremendous luck that your company gives you a choice, and you have opted not to step on it in a few months (or never step on it directly again), pay attention to the following tips. Thanks to them, you will not suffer an anxiety attack when the electricity bill arrives.

Tip 1: Work in a bright area

Set up your office in the brightest room or on the dining room table. Choose a place where you don’t need to turn on the light and make the most of daylight.

Tip 2: Plan and organize your day

With teleworking, we often spend more hours in front of the computer than our working hour’s mark. And that not only takes away moments of leisure (like a beer in the middle of the afternoon) but also increases our electricity costs. Get organized, so that doesn’t happen.

Trick 3: Keep a reasonable temperature at home

Now that the summer has little left, it will no longer be necessary to turn on the air conditioning (if you still have to do it, do not exceed 25º), but you will have to turn on the heating in a few weeks. We recommend never exceeding 22 degrees, with 20 or 21 degrees being enough, and you will be warm and not notice it on the final bill.

Tip 4: Use energy-saving appliances

LED bulbs, for example, or appliances with high energy efficiency will help you save. Check what you have at home and invest in low-consumption ones. You will see the result in the medium and long term.

Trick 5: Turn off the ones you don’t use

While you are working remotely, check that you do not have the light in the kitchen, the bedroom, or the television on (which you may not have noticed, and it is on but with the lowest volume). Ah! And remember to turn them off completely. With the red light (on standby), they also consume energy.

Tip 6: Adjust the timing of your meals

Try to always eat at the same time and at a reasonable time. Identify when electricity is cheapest and adjust your meals to that stretch.

Now, apply these tips to invest what you save in a plan. Maybe… A getaway in the fall with friends? or better. At Christmas with the family?

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