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5 Tips For The Perfect Appearance In Front Of The Camera

Whether it’s a trendy start-up, a large corporation or a small one-man company – more and more managing directors or employees are in front of the camera for marketing or sales purposes. The events are no longer just press conferences, TV interviews or image films, but also short videos for social media channels and online meetings.

In times of digital change, it is already part of everyday business for many to stand in front of the camera and interact with partners, customers or the general public. At the same time, people often find it difficult to come across as authentic using this means of communication and to present their own charisma in a charismatic manner. Free and convincing speaking in front of the camera and on stage can be learned by everyone. So that the gig doesn’t turn into a nightmare, but rather a flirtation with the camera and the audience, there are only a few tips and tricks to consider.

Prepare Concept

Before actually recording it is advisable to create a rough concept and think about what you want to say. Gathering bullet points in their minds beforehand and preparing a beginning, the main part and an ending allows speakers to relax and speak more freely during the recording. Small hangers are human and direct reactions such as ‘Sorry, I’ve lost the thread for a moment’ can also create closeness to the listener. However, in longer moments that you need to think, speakers lose touch with the audience.

Select The Appropriate Language

Charisma and rhetorical skills are mutually dependent. In order to radiate a special presence in front of the camera, it is important to use the right words. With a language that is adapted to the respective conversation partner, fellow human beings are more easily carried away and listen more attentively. In addition, it is important to use pointed sentences – i.e. raising or lowering the voice in certain parts of the sentence – so that individual messages sit better. Fast-paced speakers should consciously stress a word towards the end of the sentence to keep a steady rhythm. However, most people start out too cautiously in front of the camera for fear of ‘overacting’. But then they do not reach the audience energetically. Better to give a little more when speaking in front of the camera.

Use Gestures And Facial Expressions – But Appropriately

In order to appear authentic, gestures and facial expressions should match. When talking about crises, a smiling face irritates the viewer. But generally showing an immobile face without any emotion also seems out of place. The hands can also move smoothly, but please match what has been said. Hands enliven appearances. But if you get ahead of the spoken word, it looks rehearsed – or helpless. However, when speakers speak with empathy, the movement usually comes by itself.

Eye Contact As A Means Of Communication

You also interact with people in front of the camera, which is why it is advisable to look directly into the lens. Every long look to the side breaks the connection to the viewer. But of course there is also no need to stare. There may therefore be short glances of looking away – this makes the encounter feel more natural. Incidentally, anyone who speaks in front of a large crowd should fixate individual people from the audience and not permanently address the whole group.

At The Photoshoot

Photoshoots, be it for new pictures on the company website or for a company announcement in the print media, are always on the agenda for many companies. Basically, an open and sympathetic posture and a smile on the face can be recommended. For example, managing directors or other leaders do not have to smile if this is not their nature. Artificial poses such as “thumbs up” should be avoided altogether, as they quickly seem dubious. For the shoot, there should be plenty of soft light and, preferably, a plain and tidy background.

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