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4 Dark Sides Of Technology You Should Know About

Technology is an integral part of our lives today. We cannot imagine our life without technology, especially cell phones. Cell phones were invented to be able to make phone calls first. The shocking result of a consumer survey, however, shows that around a third of smartphone users actually do not use cell phones for a voice call.

They use it for shopping, emailing, downloading music, etc. So, basically, the technology is in our pockets now. There are several advantages to the technology, but there are also some downsides. Here we are going to discuss the downside of technology.


With constant notifications, warnings and messages, life can be distracting. For example, suppose you do some important work in the office and your cell phone beeps. You check it out to find your local grocery store is giving you 10% on shopping this week. How annoying can that be? There are ways to filter these messages or customize your phone’s notification settings, but not many people do. It has also become a habit for people to constantly look into their cell phones to check messages, emails, or social media posts .

Sleep Disorders

People have a bad habit of putting electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets, or PSPs to bed. They often check their news or social media pages before bed. Some people listen to music or watch videos for entertainment. However, the long screen time can lead to a problem with sleeping.

Less Family Time

Before the cell phone and other technologies were invented, we sat around the dining table with family members and gossiped. Now people even take their cell phones to the dining table and send messages while they eat.

Social Comparison

While social networking sites are good for communicating and socializing, now we’ve started comparing ourselves to others. When we see others post beautiful photos or share news of their success, we are often jealous. It can also lead to depression.

We should take the good side of technology and throw away its dark side. Technology should be used to improve our lives, not to negatively affect them.

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