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10 Quick SEO Tips To Increase Organic Traffic

Search engine optimization is an important tool for site operators to be found on Google. This is not about secret tricks, but about clear guidelines that are communicated by Google itself.

The following 10 tips should definitely be followed to increase website traffic organically and get more search engine visibility. Many site operators can bring about quick improvements with a few simple steps.

Tip 1: Remove anything slowing down the site

A critical factor in SEO is page loading speed. Slow websites are often the reason why users quickly abandon a page. According to a study, a second delay in the loading time causes a 7 percent conversion loss.

But the loading speed also plays an important role for the Google ranking. Google uses various metrics to measure user satisfaction with a page. With the so-called Core Web Vitals , various new key figures are currently being introduced, which relate in particular to the loading time.

Tip 2: Link to websites with relevant content

There are always voices that claim that it is rather bad to link to other relevant and reputable content sites. Ultimately, however, it makes your own site more valuable if the links offer added value. You might also get a link back, which in turn attracts users and transfers SEO power to your own site.

In the meantime, it can be clearly seen that this type of linking is being used more and more. Nevertheless, you should make sure that the ratio of incoming and outgoing links does not tilt too much. After all, the power of the site should not be given away.

Tip 3: Work with analysis tools right from the start

Once SEO goals are clearly defined, monitoring software should be used from the start to see what is working and what is not. Google Analytics and the Google Search Console can be used here . But also Sistrix , Semrush & Co are valuable helpers.

Working with an SEO agency can be useful to get an overview and lay the foundation for successful search engine optimization. Older and large pages in particular are often full of technical errors that can cost visibility.

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Tip 4: Get others to link to the page

External links that point to your own website are still a very important part of search engine rankings. These kinds of recommendations give a website more value, and of course more visitors. However, this presupposes that the link has a certain quality and utility. So if you want to be linked, you have to offer real added value .

Tip 5: Stay authentic – first the user, then the search engine!

Some site operators resort to outdated SEO methods and focus less on the important long-tail keywords. They prefer to try to manipulate the search engines. But this approach is simply wrong. The content should always benefit the user first, because he should feel addressed.

At the moment of writing, you should just forget for a moment that Google even exists. It’s all about creating good content that’s really helpful. Useful content is rewarded by search engines.

Tip 6: Write unique and relevant meta descriptions for each page

A well-crafted meta description is the first thing users see when Google returns the page as a search result. Duplicate meta descriptions can be fixed using WordPress by installing the All-In-One SEO Pack or the Yoast plugin .

Tip 7: URLs must be legible and meaningful

Difficult-to-read URLs not only confuse users, but also search engines. You should not over-optimize them in terms of keywords. But a certain structure and the odd keyword should be included.

Tip 8: Don’t neglect social signals

While Google hasn’t added social signals to its ranking algorithm factors, it has been shown time and again that search engine rankings are influenced by social signals, albeit indirectly.

Tip 9: Always tag the images with the right keywords

Images are very important for search engine optimization. It is not for nothing that Google has even reserved a separate area for images. When searching for images, users ultimately use keywords to find the right image. That is why using the right keywords in the image name is very important. This also applies to the accompanying text.

Tip 10: Publish fresh content

The current content is an important indicator that influences the freshness score. Of course, this means that the search engine ranking is also positively influenced here.

Conclusion: There are many small SEO construction sites for site operators

Ultimately, it can be said that increasing organic traffic can only be achieved if site operators do their homework. The many small aspects together have a big effect in the end. With a bit of diligence, you can significantly improve your starting position on Google.

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