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Youngest Player In IPL 2022 | Who Is The Youngest Cricketer In India

Youngest Player In IPL 2022

The Indian Premier League has taken the hearts of the fans of the crickets since its inauguration in 2008. It rose to fame quite quickly as it houses and also produces one of the best players for all cricket formats in the world. The players get to showcase their talents on the field which help them in rising to more fame quickly. Everyday a new fan favorite comes forward. This is the best platform for the youngsters to showcase their talents and rise up to avail better opportunities that will set them on a higher pedestal in the world of cricket.

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1. Youngest Cricket Players in India Abhishek Sharma


Abhishek Sharma played in the India under 18 cricket team. He was part of the team which won the World Cup for Under 18 cricket. At a mere 18 years of age, he was taken up for 55 lakhs by the Delhi Daredevils. During his debut with the Delhi Daredevils his position was of being a benchwarmer however, when he got the chance of showcasing his skills he made sure that the whole world would recognize his talents. He made about 46 runs on a mere 19 balls. This is a feat in itself which surely made an impression on everyone.

He achieved this score against the Royal Challengers Bangalore and showed an admirable attitude which surely had a positive effect on the higher individuals involved. He created a new fan base for himself that day. After that, he was claimed by Sunrisers Hyderabad and has become a valuable player for them.

2. One of the Youngest IPL Players Sarfaraz Khan


Sarfaraz Khan started his career in cricket from the Cricket World Cup for Under 19 where he broadcasted his talents and skills very highly. His performance in the world cup elevated him to the world of cricket quite quickly from where he was recognized by the fans and critics as one of the main stars for the tournament. He has become a permanent part of the national cricket team through the performances that he delivered in domestic cricket with consistency.

He is considered a young player when it comes to the Indian Premier League because of his age however, there should be no doubt that his skills and talents in the cricket world lack no maturity. He made his debut in the Indian Premier League in the year of 2015 where he played as a team member for the franchise of Royal Challengers Bangalore. He made 46 runs from 27 balls in his debut season and has been scoring up every season. For the season of 2022, he has been claimed by the Delhi Capitals.

3. Youngest Indian Cricketer Riyan Prayag


Riyan Prayag debuted in the season of Indian Premier League that took place in 2019. At the time, he was playing for Rajasthan Royals and was a very significant player of the team. At the time of his debut, he was a kid of mere 17 years and was recognized from the part he played for India in the ICC under 19 Cricket World Cup that took place in 2018. He is considered an all-rounder as he shows talent in all aspects of cricket whether that be bowling, batting or fielding. He is a very well established player with various talents.

Rajasthan Royals bagged him for his debut year in the Indian Premier League for about 20 lakh rupees. He is also the youngest player in IPL to make a half century. This made him even more valuable for the Rajasthan Royals franchise. For the season of 2022, he has been bought by Rajasthan Royals at a price of 3.80 crores.

4. One of The Youngest Cricket Players in India Mujeeb Ur Rahman


Mujeeb Ur Rehman debuted in the Indian Premier League when he was only 17 years old. He is a part of the Afghan cricket team and plays as a bowler in the game. He set the record for being the first player ever to be a part of professional cricket who was born in the twenty first century.in the history of ODI, he also holds the record for taking five wickets at such a young age.

His first season in the Indian Premier League was in 2018 where he played for the Punjab Kings and he claimed 14 wickets in this season. Due to this reason, he rose to fame and attention quite easily. However, in this year’s mega auction he remains unsold.

5. Youngest Player in IPL History Prayas Ray Barman

In 2019, Prayas Ray Barman debuted in the Indian Premier League. He was a part of Royal Challengers Bangalore and his age at that time was about 16 years. This has made him the youngest player in IPL 2022. His first match was against Sunrisers Hyderabad where he had a very bad start as he conceded 56 runs in just four overs. Due to this reason, Prayas Ray Barman was let go from the Royal Challengers Bangalore and he was also not sold in the recent mega auction.

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