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Influencer or Not? When A Post Is Advertised On Social Media

A selfie with the new smartphone on Instagram, a short hotel review on Twitter, praise for a great restaurant menu on Facebook – is that advertising? Anyone who uses their account for private purposes and posts as a private person does not have to mark posts as advertising.

Whether YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: Everyone can now upload contributions everywhere. Some report on their travels, others film their everyday lives or present what they have bought. But be careful: advertising labeling requirements can arise , especially when presenting products, but also when reporting on hotels or restaurants, for example ! Exactly when is that the case?

When do postings have to be marked as advertising?

First of all: If social media is only used for private purposes , no advertising labeling is required. So if you recommend a restaurant or a specific product on social media as a private individual, you do not have to mark your post as an advertisement. It doesn’t matter whether your post is only visible to certain people or the public.

Labeling obligation for influencers

It can be different for people who are referred to as so-called influencers . Who is that exactly? The term is derived from the English to influence = to influence. An:e influencer:in is therefore primarily a person who is able to influence their environment. This can be, for example, people who are very active on social media and have many followers or subscribers. They often specialize in a specific topic with their contributions. For example, they report regularly on fashion and lifestyle trends, a specific sport or a special hobby. There is no rigid limit to how many followers are necessary to become an influencer. Rather, what is decisive is the extent to which the person can be viewed as a multiplier or opinion leader due to their wide reach.

These people are very interesting for the advertising industry. They have a strong media presence and are often perceived by their audience as very trustworthy and competent in the subject. The advertising industry takes advantage of this: In the context of cooperation with companies, influencers present products in their posts, wear certain branded items of clothing or report on their experiences with the company’s products. In return, the companies pay a fee or make the products available free of charge. But then the posts must be clearly marked as advertising at the beginning .

How should posts be marked?

Advertising posts on social media must be recognizable as such at first glance and without any doubt . There are recommendations on this from the central competition office and the state media authorities . It is important that users who deal with a contribution can recognize right from the start that commercial purposes are being pursued and that they are not looking at any private expressions of opinion or neutral reporting.

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