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What is Scrum?

Scrum is a project and product management approach primarily used in ​​software development, but it is also now popular in many other regions. This approach assumes that a project cannot be planned in detail because it is simply too complex. That’s why the project planning is refined step by step as development progresses.

How can project managers learn the procedure?

Project managers who work according to this method can get to know Scrum from various providers and acquire Scrum Master certification. During the training, they get to know and practice all the essential tools so that they can later use them in daily practice. A unique feature of the courses: The participants learn all facets of this approach, including, for example, the different roles during the development process.

The most crucial role in the process

From the managers of your own company to partner companies and customers, a large number of people are interested in ensuring that the development work is carried out as effectively as possible. However, with the product owner, there is a person who has no other interests. This person is solely obliged to lead the development to success. Therefore, the product owner is the only person with the necessary authority to make decisions during development. However, this does not mean that a good product owner does not involve his colleagues in the decision-making process and does not take their advice into account. Still, ultimately, he is the one who makes the necessary decisions. He, therefore, also needs the authority required to enforce his decisions. He not only has to assert himself with his employees and possibly superiors in the company but also faces customers and users who often have their ideas about what a program or an NVMe M.2 SSD test can or should offer.

So that everyone pulls together

Of course, it is ideal if team training is carried out so that everyone involved has the same level of knowledge and unnecessary explanations cause no friction losses. The team members not only learn the theoretical background of the procedure but can also use it directly in practice in a guided manner. In the best-case scenario, the content of the training will be carried out in connection with the respective company. This means the participants can then put what they learned in the activity into practice and do not have to apply the content to the respective industry first.

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