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What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing involves tracking visitors to a website and chasing abandoned carts using a retargeting platform.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing consists of sending advertising messages to a person who has become aware of your offer or your brand. When a visitor comes to your site without making a purchase, this technique allows you to offer them your product.

Retargeting or retargeting helps you convert past visitors to your website into customers. To do this, install tracking tools on your platform to identify them. According to the collected data, adapt your marketing strategy according to their needs.

How does remarketing work?

Currently, it is possible to track browsers on the Internet using cookie pools. When a person goes to your site, for example, and then leaves it to visit the competitor’s site, you can track them. If the competitor uses the same retargeting platform, the software will automatically offer your products to the Internet user on his site.

Along with the Google Adsense network, Adwords offers a remarketing system. With this tool, you can target visitors who will see your ads. Be aware that Google uses an auction system to position advertising messages.

To implement an effective remarketing strategy, segment your targets according to their behavior and according to your objectives. The concept of cold, warm, and hot lead helps you determine qualified targets.

  • Cold prospect or cold lead: the individual knows neither your company nor your products.
  • Warm prospect or warm lead: he is aware of your offer but has not made a purchase.
  • Hot prospect: the person expresses an interest in your products and is likely to convert into a customer. For it to take action, sending a follow-up message is recommended.

Why do remarketing advertising?

A well-designed remarketing strategy allows you to increase the sales rate of your business. It also offers other considerable advantages.

Do remarketing campaigns affect turnover?

A business that hasn’t developed a strategy to recover from abandoned carts is losing money. Reviving warm and cold leads increases the conversion rate. On the other hand, cold leads require specific action and more personalized messages to encourage them to take action.

What is the impact of remarketing on ROI?

The cost per conversion of remarketing is lower compared to that of another marketing strategy. This technique is less expensive, while its return on investment is interesting.

Does remarketing influence notoriety?

Chasing up your future customers generally influences the response rate. This operation also increases their engagement. However, it is necessary to analyze the method well and formulate the messages well.

Is it possible to retain your customers with remarketing?

To build a lasting relationship with your customers, this technique comes in handy. The offer of a promotional offer to certain qualified people encourages them to take action.

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