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Useful Tools For Every Marketer

In this article, together with you, we will look at several tools that you should definitely use as a marketer these days, whether it is to obtain important information about customers, the market or to increase the efficiency of your work. Below you will find a list of marketing tools that you should definitely be using these days.

Google Trends

This tool allows you to view the latest trends, data and visualizations from Google to help you find out what keywords or topics are most popular/trending with people in a given period. Simply enter the keyword or topic you are interested in and after confirmation you will see the results in a clear graph. You can then filter them according to the location, the period for which you want to display the results or also according to the market segment.

You can add other terms to the comparison and you will see the comparative development in the overview chart. If you want to start focusing on a new market, research competitors, find out the seasonality of a product or service, then you will definitely appreciate this amazing tool.

Google Keyword Planner

Another useful tool from Google that will give you important information about queries for selected keywords through search engines belonging to Google. You can enter one or more keywords, select the country and the desired language, and the results will show you how keywords are searched for in a given period, how the competition reacts to them, and you will find out which terms are worth focusing on.

Compare whether the competition for your chosen terms is high or just the opposite, there is room for you. What is the suggested price offer for individual terms, and based on this you can make other important decisions when preparing campaigns, analyzing the market or customer behavior. A great feature that you will definitely appreciate is that you can export this data and then insert it into other analytical tools, or save it directly to advertising groups in Google Ads.


One of the best SEO and SEM tools on the market cannot be missing from this list. Why is that so? Because thanks to it you can learn almost everything about your competition. You will find out where they get traffic to their websites, what keywords they focus on, how many backlinks they have or what other websites link to them. And that is far from all. An excellent “feature” is also the possibility to set notifications if the website starts to appear for some of the keywords or if someone mentions it on the Internet. This tool is definitely worth checking out, it has a lot more to it than that.

Facebook audience insight

One of the best and at the same time the most underrated tools available to you is Facebook audience insight. As we know, Facebook has one of the best targeted advertising systems because it collects an incredible amount of data about its users, which it constantly evaluates and updates. This tool is very easy to use, it is free and most importantly, you will get a lot of important information about your fans. Get a quick overview of the demographics, interests and overall segmentation of your potential customers. Finally, you can directly save your filtered audience and use it for ad groups. Be sure to give this tool a shot on your next campaign.

Google Analytics

Not a step without this tool. It should be the first thing you implement on your website or e-shop. A great analytical tool that gives you irreplaceable information about your visitors and all that for free!

If you have this tool set up correctly, you can find out where your visitors to the website or E-shop came from, what country they come from or what device they use. Find out which acquisition activities are beneficial for you and which campaigns to stop. You can find out how much time visitors spend on your website, which subpages interest them, and which ones they leave. This data will help you a lot in effectively building content marketing and in designing your brand’s media plan and communication. Google Analytics has a number of other very useful features and is definitely worth using on a daily basis.


This simple and beautiful tool will be especially appreciated by social media managers and people who are not very good at graphics, but need it every day. With Canva, you can easily create simple graphics for your social sites that will always look professional. Canva also offers you several ready-made templates or your own frames, stickers or fonts. You can also insert your own backgrounds or photos and use a simple “Drag & Drop” editor to incorporate them into templates of the most commonly used dimensions.

Canva is also FREE in its basic version, which will certainly be enough for many. However, you can pay for membership and get editing options and new materials for creating your new trend graphics. If you don’t know Photoshop or Illustrator and want to keep your visuals modern, you will definitely become friends with Canva.

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