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Torrentz2 or Torrentz Proxy – Download Movies, TV Shows, TV Series And Many More For Free [2024]

Torrentz2 or Torrentz Proxy Website is a well-known cloned site of the original Torrentz Search Engine Website used to watch and download the latest movies, tv shows, online games, music, software applications, ebooks, etc. This website has shown the outcome from torrent websites like Piratesbay, RARBG, Lime Torrents, etc. Later it was closed down due to some legal affairs. There are many types of torrent search engines available for accessing the latest movies, music, games, software files, etc. But Torrentz2 Website is the most well-known search engine for accessing and searching files from the internet.

The distinctive feature of this website is that it helps the users find out the desired files and helps to utilize the same database from the original website. Hence, it became flamboyant for most users around the world to access any content from the latest movies to games and many other software applications any time effortlessly. It does not require any prior enrolment or subscription to access the content. It only requires a device with a proper data connection to access the content.

It has been successfully running from 2003 to 2016. The significant feature of this website is, it displays the features same as in Google. But in 2016, some promoters started the Torrentz on the website portraying the content to the viewers as “Farewell.” Later the Torrentz website was halted and raised to the initiation of the new website Torrentz2.

Proxy Sites of Torrentz2 Website

The proxy sites are nothing but the mirror sites of the original Torrentz2 Website. They contain similar data, domains, torrent files, and uploads with distinct domains. Hence, the Torrentz Proxy Website is considered the most prominent platform for downloading files, accessing the latest movies, television shows, web series, and other applications.

This website, along with some other non-copyrighted websites that provide the pirated content, has been prohibited by Internet Service Provider( ISP). To still access the website besides the blocking up, the users are requested to opt for a better VPN ( Virtual Private Network) or some other proxy links.

The major importance of these proxy sites is, they remain active to supply the content to the users regardless of the termination of the chief website. They work the same as the major website in accessing the content by users worldwide. Hence, the efficiency of this website is marketable in the world of cyberspace. The following listed are some of the proxy sites of this website.

  • https://sitenable.co/torrentz2-proxy
  • https://sitenable.top/torrentz2-proxy
  • https://sitenable.ch/torrentz2-proxy
  • https://torrentzeu.org
  • https://siteget.net/torrentz2-proxy

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Currently Working Proxy Sites of Torrentz2 Website

Among the various types of proxy sites available, the below listed are the most commonly used proxy sites for accessing the content on the Torrentz2 Website.

  • https://torrentz2eu.mehttps://torrentz2eu.org
  • https://torrentz2.cyou
  • https://torrentz2.io
  • https://torrentzeu.org
  • https://torrentz2eu.in
  • https://torrentz.pl
  • https://torrentz2.is
  • https://torrentsmirror.com

Some of The Best Substitutes of Torrentz Proxy Website

  • Torrentz.eu.com
  • Toorgle
  • Snowfl
  • Torrents.io
  • Veoble
  • Kickass Torrents
  • EZTV
  • The Pirate Bay
  • Glo Torrents


Torrentz.eu.com is regarded as the most prominent substitute for the original Torrentz2 Website. It has almost 26 torrent sites on its web page, allowing users to access and download the required content effortlessly. It has a very good User-friendly interface.


This is one of the best substitutes for the Torrentz2 Website that Google influences. It consists of around 450 torrent sites that allows the users to access the content. It has a clear, well-organized section arranged appropriately so that users from all over the world can access it without facing any trouble. It has a good User-friendly interface that allows users to access the latest movies, games, software apps easily and other files. The content will be displayed in Google format to handle it for further results easily.


Snowfl is considered the best substitute for Torrentz2 Website. It consists of almost 120 to 170 search results on its webpage. It displays the torrents sites of YTS, 1337x, ThePiratesbay, Rockbox, etc. The users can get the content easily as soon as they enter the name of the content in the search bar and then go for the click OK button. It also contains all the latest movies irrespective of the genre.

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This website is previously named Torrents. It is used as the best substitute for accessing content from all the torrent search engines. The related proxy sites guide the users to download the files from the original torrents website. TorrentSeeker generates it for presenting the outcome.


Veoble is an unilluminated substitute for the Torrentz2 Website. It utilizes the Google client search for presenting the outcome from your desired torrent sites. The outcome from this website is relatively exceeding when compared to the other torrent-based search engines. The users can personally explore the content in various languages. It also encourages the search engine in some languages like Arabic, Spanish, French.

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents Website is considered one of the most popular free streaming websites for accessing content such as the latest movies, online games, software applications, television shows, etc. Although the government prohibits it, this website still has its efficiency in accessing the content. It has many domains that assist the users in accessing the data. Apart from this, this website has numerous Proxy sites and mirror sites.


It is considered the best Torrentz2 substitute for accessing the content on the website. It has a great User-friendly interface, thus allowing the users to watch and download content such as the latest movies, music, games, software apps and eBooks, etc. The main significant feature of this website is, it displays the picture with good HD quality.

The Pirate Bay3

The Piratebay3 is regarded as one of the most prominent free streaming websites that lets users access the latest movies, games, software applications, etc. The numerous collection of pictures from all the different languages makes this website appreciated by most users worldwide. Apart from the latest pictures, the users can also access Mp3 songs, television shows, web series, other reality shows, etc.

Glo Torrents

Despite numerous websites on the internet, Glo Torrents Website is regarded as the best substitute for the Torrentz2 Website because of its enormous data collection and moderate ad indignation. Glo Torrents Website supplies numerous collections of the latest movies, online games, music, tv shows, software applications, mobile applications, etc.

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Torrentz2 or Torrentz Proxy Website is generated only for instructing and entertaining purposes. All the contents available on this website are 100% legal and valid. As per the Copyright Act of 1957, it is illegal and a crime to encourage piracy. For better results, choose a good VPN service for accessing the content on such platforms.

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