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SEO: Tips To Position Yourself On YouTube

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, after Google. Youtube attracts a million visitors every month. A reality that implements an SEO strategy oriented to this website is increasingly significant.

According to data published by Experts, YouTube made a profit of around $ 4 billion last year. These revenues are the result of viewing 4,000 million videos per day. Therefore, companies should direct their SEO efforts to improve their presence on YouTube until they achieve a good search engine positioning. The experience of an SEO agency will help us in this new purpose.

Relevant aspects to conquer YouTube

The construction of identity

For search engine positioning through YouTube, it is necessary to provide information about the company and its value to the website. To be seen as a prestigious brand on YouTube, we need to create a profile for ourselves. After choosing the name with which we want to be identified that will be related to the parameters of the SEO strategy, the inclusion of a logo will improve the presence in this channel.

The URL with which users will find us must be easy to remember and find. The SEO strategy will be based on creating a custom URL. In this way, we will get credentials to improve search engine positioning.


This parameter of the SEO strategy is still crucial for videos on the Internet. When establishing SEO for YouTube, we find a field that says “keywords for the channel. “This is where we must write the terms that best identify with our business. It is advisable not to enter a general word but create a phrase in which the keyword is included. Instead of putting “carpentry,” it is preferable to put “how to build outdoor furniture.” The idea is to get closer to the thinking of the users. An SEO agency will help us with this work.

The importance of the description

When Youtube shows a search result to its users, a short video description appears below it. This part is critical for search engine positioning because it is analyzed by YouTube to establish the ranking. The report must be clear and concise, including the keywords of the SEO strategy. At the same time, it must be attractive and creative. Along these lines, you can include links that lead to other web pages or videos to complete the information, according to the advice of an SEO agency.

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