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Talent Attraction And Retention

It is a fact that companies must be flexible enough to adapt or even anticipate new trends if they want to ensure their survival in a market as competitive as the current one.

The biggest challenge for companies, therefore, is none other than attracting and retaining talent, retaining the commitment of professionals who are actively seeking employment and that of their own employees.

What is talent retention?

Talent retention is the company’s ability to make its employees want to stay with it. To do this, the company must implement talent retention programs and strategies that, ideally, are built from active listening to employees to understand how they are and detect possible needs.

For example, if the staff of a company states that they lack the possibility of reconciling professional and personal life, they will have to implement actions such as offering greater labor flexibility, offering benefits to employees or offering professional development.

Importance of talent retention

In some cases, normally when companies allocate efforts to this, it may happen that retention occurs naturally, that is, the employee himself has developed a feeling of belonging to the organization and is committed to its culture , so does not shuffle a change. However, the opposite situation can also occur where the workforce is not satisfied with their employer, which translates, in general terms, into low productivity, lack of motivation and commitment, absenteeism… which undoubtedly has repercussions on employees. company results.

That is why, as a company, retaining talent is key and must be among your business objectives. The benefits of implementing talent retention strategies in the organization are numerous. It mainly means savings in costs and time since the turnover rate will be lower and the company will have qualified talent and, in addition, thanks to the feeling of belonging that employees develop, they can become brand ambassadors, motivating external talent and impacting positively on the company’s brand image.

How to retain talent in the company

At this point where we have already discussed the importance of retaining talent in companies, it is interesting to reveal how to retain the staff of a company. In the first place, it is interesting to note that the non-retention of talent, that is, rotation is natural and that the important thing is to detect why, the common causes in different cases, in order to focus on them and work on them. To do this, it is essential to analyze the global trajectory of employees .

Some of the actions that companies can implement to retain talent are related to economic salary, conciliation, emotional salary , professional development opportunities or even a welcome that seeks employee integration . Later we’ll discover what are the most important factors for Spanish employees, continue reading to find out about them!

Many companies, for example, attending to the needs and preferences of young professionals, promote scholarship programs for university students through significant financial investments. These grants are focused on the most popular disciplines such as Engineering, Finance or ICT, which are directly related to the most demanded sectors. Some scholarships cover the total tuition, in addition to Social Security fees and monthly and annual allowances for extraordinary expenses. These grants represent a magic key that opens many doors and a good omen for the future.

What is talent attraction?

When we talk about attracting talent, we refer to the ability of companies as an employer brand to be attractive as a workplace for potential employees, that is, we talk about attracting talent as a possible strategy to get people to want to work in a company. business.

HR in attracting and retaining talent

In this double task, the role of the Human Resources departments is essential and decisive.

Some of its traditional practices, such as personal interviews or group dynamics, continue to be the driving force behind companies in selecting the most appropriate candidates. In them, the way in which the interviewees and workers react to new situations, relate, form a team and face common challenges is disclosed.

Positive feedback for talent retention

It has been shown that in order to achieve a true atmosphere of trust in companies, a philosophy of tolerance for error , a strong spirit of timely and constructive criticism , recognition among professionals and a systematic practice of supporting workers by companies must prevail. managerial spheres.

All these practices increase the confidence of the employees , their fidelity to the project and consequently a greater performance of the people is achieved and it retains human talent within the organizations.

Feedback is a gift, it is a learning tool that allows you to learn what is unknown. An opportunity to change and grow.

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