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The Post-COVID-19 Scenario Will Boost The Real Connection Between Companies

The COVID-19 crisis has completely transformed our way of living, acting, and planning. Everything indicates that, as soon as we return to normality, many behavior patterns will have changed, even in the case of companies. Companies that have been forced to show their most chameleonic side to adapt, at forced marches, to new circumstances and that now need to promote this adaptation with the help of experts.

A new scenario opens up before us and little by little the path that companies will take to face the new situation begins to unveil. Thus, according to the 1st “COVID-19 and Marketing” Barometer published by the Good Rebels company, “43% of the companies surveyed believe that after this crisis, the investment will be promoted at all levels of the company. Likewise, 83% assure that digital acquisition and sales channels will be prioritized, and 82% that innovation and the development of new business models will be promoted ”.

For its part, the Edelman company has carried out its own study in which it reflects how the coronavirus will transform the scenario of companies and their workers. Thus, among the factors that stand out in his report, it is pointed out how the current crisis has demonstrated the viability of teleworking. The multinational also reflects that there will be an increase in investment in virtual reality. Proof of this is how companies that had already opted for digital transformation have taken advantage of their commitment to e-commerce or the use of tools such as chatbots to continue serving their customers despite the closure and stoppage of work activity.

Digital Transformation And Interconnection

Data and assumptions that confirm a certainty: betting on digital transformation will be the key and being more connected than ever, too. Even beyond technology and social media. The post-COVID-19 scenario will require bridges between professionals, experts, and companies so that, in physical spaces, they share knowledge, ideas, and proposals.

It will be essential to be part of professional forums in which to share experiences, challenges, and what is most important: solutions. Madrid Tech Show will be that meeting point where all the bridges will come together. On October 28 and 29, IFEMA Hall 4 will host four interconnected fairs, forming the most complete IT ecosystem of the moment aimed at executives and experts in digital transformation. It will address the four essential areas to get out of this crisis with muscle: the cloud, cybersecurity, the application of big data, and artificial intelligence and data centers.

Four spaces by and for professionals in which the main developers, partners, and suppliers will put their new tools, their most advanced proposals, and the advice that moments like this make a difference at the service of clients. A single space in which, in addition, the auditoriums will host presentations by professionals who know that the key to the present and the future is to bet on the digital revolution in companies and who will share with everyone present their success stories and improvement. Space, after all, in which to reconnect, really.

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