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Measuring Marketing KPIs: A Key Element For The Success Of Your Digital Campaigns

Are you thinking about your next digital marketing campaign? Have you just launched a website and would like to know its impact on the marketing of your business? Do you know the importance of measuring marketing KPIs?

KPIs are key performance indicators that allow you to evaluate better and monitor the impact of your marketing. To support you in your digital marketing strategy, we suggest you discover how important KPIs are for the success of your business and start measuring the essential indicators of your digital marketing campaign now.

Focus on SEO

First of all, you should know that SEO is one of the essential elements to bring traffic to your website and, therefore, to have positive key figures. Among the KPIs, one of the most important to measure is traffic to your site. While some people will type your website address directly into the search bar, the vast majority of your visitors will arrive via a search on search engines. To correctly reference your website, the main search engine is Google since the majority of Internet users launch their searches there. You must, therefore, optimize your site as a priority for Google. Please note that to measure your KPIs, we advise you to use Google Analytics 4. This new version of Google Analytics is extremely comprehensive and allows you to obtain precise measurements of your marketing indicators to target your campaigns optimally.

Regarding your SEO, it must also be more and more precise and more and more work as Google evolves. So, you absolutely must create an optimized website with a well-thought-out SEO framework. Web referencing includes many criteria, whether in terms of site technology, links between pages, or even content writing. To optimize your traffic, do not neglect any criteria, and make sure to write optimized texts with relevant keywords and insert useful links in your texts.

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Measure traffic on your website.

As we told you, traffic to your website is one of the most important marketing KPIs. Among these key figures, note that you must analyze your traffic in order to understand better where it comes from. Indeed, you can have traffic that comes from search engines and, therefore, from good SEO, as we have just seen. You may also have traffic that comes from links that you have inserted to your website, for example, on your social networks or other partner websites. With each increase in traffic to your website, we advise you to check where your new visitors come from to see what works best in your digital communication campaigns.

Measure your bounce rate

Another essential performance indicator to measure your bounce rate corresponds to people who will arrive on a page of your website and leave it without taking any action or clicking on another page. Too high a bounce rate is bad for your search engine rankings since it means that your website is not of interest to people or does not correspond to what they are looking for. It is also a sign that you need to work on the quality of your website or your offer in order to convert more visitors into customers.

Marketing KPIs to analyze your users’ sessions

Finally, you can set up numerous marketing KPIs to analyze your visitors’ sessions and better understand their attitudes and needs. For example, you can find out the average time a user spends on your website. You can also measure your lead conversion rate to see how many prospects take action and purchase a product or sign up for one of your services. For e-commerce sites, indicators such as the average customer basket or the cart abandonment rate are key figures that can allow you to make adjustments to your sales policy according to your objectives. In any case, KPIs are essential for measuring a marketing campaign. However, to be most effective,

And you, what marketing KPIs do you regularly measure on your website to better monitor the evolution of your digital campaign?

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