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Infrastructure Stability Is Critical For Companies

The search for reliability in operations is like the Holy Grail for companies. Seamless reliability allows you to maximize uptime, always be available to customers, and ultimately not lose any sales.

When a failure occurs, such as an online store becomes unavailable or the payment gateway fails, the customer leaves with a certain probability. Sometimes forever. If a remote worker has problems with the applications they use to perform their tasks, their productivity will suffer.

Whatever the infrastructure failure, it will affect the business. It may be only a few seconds, and it may be hours or days. The fact is that the financial part will not suffer exclusively, but the organization’s reputation will be compromised.

For this reason, it is vital to have a partner capable of providing managed infrastructure services that allow companies to boost their productivity and maximize reliability and availability.

What are the advantages of managed infrastructures?

T-Systems offers its clients its extensive experience in technologies, security, digitization of business processes and cloud computing, in addition to all the knowledge accumulated over years of working with different sectors of activity. For this reason, the infrastructures we manage will provide differential value to those companies that wish to focus on their business and leave questions related to reliability to the experts.

What is that differential value?

  • Professional cloud coordination allows managing heterogeneous cloud-legacy systems without adverse impact, reducing the burden on IT departments and increasing the stability of the infrastructure.
  • Managed infrastructure as a service (IaaS) so that the client has support and technical team at their disposal at any time, any day. The full service is provided in compliance with the strictest standards in terms of privacy and regulations.
  • Greater security against failures, data recovery and emergency plans. As we have already mentioned, infrastructure failures cause economic damage and loss of reputation for companies. Minimizing this data is essential. Therefore, it is necessary to have good backup strategies, redundancy, and other methods to guarantee the integrity of the data and prompt recovery from any disaster.
  • Proactive management and predictive controls. The goal is to anticipate problems through proactive and non-reactive management and activate innovative tools that detect potential problem-causing factors before they occur.
  • Appropriate service level agreements (SLAs) so that our consultants can advise the client on which service levels are best suited to their processes and essential tools for their company.
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