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Industrial Automation Trends For 2021

In 2021 talking about industrial automation is very common, especially in times of pandemics.

  • The issue has been how it is going to help the world face various challenges.
  • Among them we can find, the field of health and technology.
  • Also how we can develop as a society and the new ways of working.
  • All this covers the year 2021 with progress, changes, and goals to be met.
  • But if it is the year 2021 with obstacles we cannot give up.

For this year, industrial automation has become something special for companies.

And they take advantage of automation technologies to schedule laborious tasks and processes.

In addition, the repetitive, heavy ones, those that need to increase performance and productivity.

So let’s see how industrial automation will be used in 2021.

The 2021 year to work on Covid-19

  • Automation has been proven every year and specifically in 2021 which is for everyone.
  • Thanks to it, we can find easy-to-use robotic solutions, manufacturing management, and socialization between humans and robots.
  • With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, automation has unleashed new trends.
  • From looking for how to help detect, for example, possible infections of the virus through Artificial Intelligence.
  • Robotic assistance through the humanoid robots Sophia, which will provide company to the sick.
  • Also, this 2021 we have seen how through applications or a smartwatch we can measure our level of oxygenation and health in the blood.
  • Another case is the assistant robots, which can be directed between the corridors of hospitals to meet their needs.
  • Undoubtedly this 2021, the health sector will receive a lot of help from automation technology.

Collaborative automation

  • Furthermore, it is intended that collaboration between humans and robots in the workplace will be an inevitable trend.
  • In other words, the trend is to work with computers, software, and automation technologies.
  • Which with work is a reality that little by little we have adapted to it.
  • Technology certainly has the potential to replace humans, but there is also a need for them to lead.
  • For this, companies must achieve the highest level of automation, also doing all the routine and repetitive work.
  • While freeing humans to focus on higher cognitive tasks.

More IoT Sensors

  • In addition, by 2021 Industry 4.0 will continue to help manufacturers to obtain smart factories.
  • And in this sense, the IoT has become an essential part of the industrial automation system.
  • Although for many this is not essential, the use of data and information, as well as its collection is of great help.
  • IoT sensors are not only useful for improving operational efficiency.
  • In addition, they can detect problems before they become an unwanted cost to the business.
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