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How To Launch Your Business By Relying On A Solid Team

The team is the keystone of the project. And, let’s not be afraid to say it, it’s almost 50% of the success of your business. Indeed, your partners (financial or not) will attach importance to the business you lead, but they will above all endeavour to understand the project leader and his associates or partners.

Remember that an excellent project can be very poorly executed because of the project leaders. And execution is 30% of success! Also, insofar as you will not be carrying out your project alone, we can only advise you to surround yourself with competent and qualified people… and not to be afraid to look in them for skills that you do not have.

The objective of this Article: to help you identify your skills and supplement them where necessary.

This is as much about your skills as a business creator, but also as a future business leader. You will also need to have the necessary “business” skills. If you open a restaurant, you must know how to create it (define its concept, its location, it’s positioning … etc) but know how to manage it, develop it … You will also have to master the profession with its obligations, its vocabulary, its management specificities… etc.

Build Your Team

To set up your business, most often, you will choose to surround yourself with several people. Which ones to choose? How? ‘Or’ What? And what do you have to work on to make your group work in harmony? These are all questions that we help you answer in this article dedicated to team building.

This also allows you to take stock more effectively on your current skills, your resources, and therefore on what you lack to move forward in the realization of your project.

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The Skills Needed To Start A Business

To start your activity, you must of course be able to count on a certain number of skills… Yours or those of the people with whom you will be working. To surround yourself well or to recruit, it is necessary to carry out an overview of the skills required at each stage of your project. Thus, you will better understand your needs, and the profiles you should seek.

In this article, we suggest that you take each step of setting up a business one by one and associate the necessary skills with it. For example, what qualities should you rely on to define the business plan for your structure? Or to fix the legal form of your business? Or to realize your financial forecast? We give you some answers in this article.

Acquire Entrepreneurial Skills

You probably know it: training takes a little time, but it also represents a great investment for your future and that of your business. If you choose to acquire additional skills (in law, business management, accounting, etc.), or if one of your associates is being trained, you give your project more chances to succeed.

However, it is up to you to precisely target what you need, because you cannot become “expert in everything”, and your first task is to run the business you have created… which already takes a long time! Also, take stock of your needs, and then find out which training courses can meet them: MOOCs (online courses), continuing education (via GRETAs for example), or even the training offered by the CCI.

In this article devoted to the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills, we take stock with you on all the existing possibilities and on the possible financing according to your situation.

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