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How The Cloud Drives Business Innovation

What is the role of data in your company? And in your marketing campaigns? And in business and innovation decisions? How relevant have the information assets of the business been in the design project of any of your new products? Are different data sources used to optimize results in the recruitment processes? And have you already migrated to the cloud or are you considering doing so to enhance data accessibility and trust while increasing business capacity?

IT and business users can use the data to optimize customer experience, prevent fraud, and increase their efficiency. In addition, IoT data must be collected in real-time to control and manage traffic and maintain computer security and that is where cloud storage is positioned as the most versatile option and adaptable to the needs of each business, allowing to reach another goal: innovation.

Innovating is, above all, looking for a better way of doing things and offering better products or services to customers. To innovate is to challenge the known and encourage more and to achieve this, you need talent and the ability to work in an agile and dynamic environment. And in order not to do it blindly, the data is a fundamental piece. In this way, what is called analytical advantage is achieved and the way of positioning itself in the market is revolutionized.

Leading Organizations, Data And Artificial Intelligence

Many organizations wonder how to address the rapid growth of data and different types of users while taking advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize and accelerate the decision-making process. And the answer is by adopting dynamic, flexible, and customized environments, clear attributes of cloud computing.

This approach is motivated by two realities:

  • Artificial intelligence is becoming the center of growth strategies for all types of organizations, whether a global financial institution, a health care provider, or a supply chain with a worldwide presence.
  • Organizations are conducting next-generation analytics with cloud data lakes and self-service data preparation to accelerate their data journey. As they use data to describe what happened in the past, they diagnose why it happened and use new technologies to predict what will happen in the future, and provide prescriptive actions that lead to innovation for the business.

Cloud environments and artificial intelligence combined with effective data management are the perfect combos for organizations looking to innovate and position themselves as leaders.

8 Ways To Drive Innovation In The Company

Once the benefits of artificial intelligence in data analysis and the cloud in business are known, it is necessary to find a way to incorporate these technologies into the systems and processes of the company. Among the ways to achieve this are the following:

  1. Stay up-to-date on key trends and challenges in artificial intelligence and machine learning, such as those related to data preparation, streaming and IoT data, cloud, and big data.
  2. Know the best practices for data enrichment, data cataloging, and data governance.
  3. Be clear on how to succeed with next-generation Analytics projects, as well as those of artificial intelligence and machine learning, or have a technological ally that helps take advantage of the full potential of the organization to drive innovation.
  4. Understand all the benefits of modern cloud architecture, especially hybrid architecture, and also learn about new patterns and use cases.
  5. Be aware of the best practices in Data Lake Management for the cloud, which help to carry out comprehensive management.
  6. Learn how to get more value from streaming data and gain insight into industry use cases, especially when it comes to topics like fraud detection or predictive maintenance.
  7. Train all business personnel to understand how to tackle data readiness for self-service analytics, in order to accelerate and implement machine learning projects.
  8. Master best practices to accelerate analytics with data processing and integration in cloud data warehouses.

Business innovation is both a goal and a process. Although we should not speak in the singular but in the plural, since a variety of objectives and a wide range of processes are involved, helping the organization to exploit its potential. In this way, companies achieve this advantage in a sustained way over time and the cloud becomes their perfect ally since it gives them the capacity and flexibility to fly without limits.

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