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How Do You Motivate Your Employees In The Long Term?

As a founder, it is of the utmost importance to work with motivated employees. So the question of how to best motivate your team members in the long term is an important one. In most cases, it depends on the individual employees. However, there are some methods that can fundamentally improve employee motivation.

Financial appreciation

When it comes to employee motivation, the cash injection is the first thing that comes to mind. Quite an effective one. After all, those who work want to be paid appropriately. If the salary is kept so low that it is just enough to survive, it is easy to lose motivation. However, this does not necessarily mean a short-term cash injection. This only provides short-lived motivation that quickly sinks back into the ground. What is necessary is the appreciative, appropriate payment of the employees. If employees have the feeling that they are paid fairly and valued according to their performance, their feeling of appreciation increases sustainably and thus their willingness to perform and their motivation.

Transfer of responsibility and trust

Transferred, desired responsibility is always motivating for employees. This step may not be the easiest, but it pays off immensely. If the team members succeed in making them aware that they are responsible for a project that is entirely theirs, not only motivation but also creativity and dedication are promoted.

Added to this is the fact that with delegated responsibility comes invested trust. When employees realize that trust and work is being put into them, a sense of responsibility can develop, which in the long run ensures that more motivation and creativity are put into work tasks. It is a well-known fact that one grows with challenges.

Enable further education

Another not unimportant aspect when it comes to employee motivation is the creation of further training opportunities. Once employees are unmotivated or underwhelmed/overwhelmed, it is difficult to lure them out of their hole again. Accordingly, it is important to challenge them again and again at appropriate intervals to outgrow themselves. Talents and interests can be promoted in the long term. When it comes to team training, the team spirit can also be strengthened, which is also of enormous relevance for the success of a company.

However, the range between under-demanding and over-challenging is narrow, which is why attention must be paid to the right balance of the challenge in order to achieve the ideal, desired result in the employees. If you support the further training of the employees, not only the motivation of the employees is increased, but also their qualifications.

Praise and recognition

As already mentioned, the act of appreciation is one of the most relevant parts when it comes to employee motivation. Both financial appreciation and qualitative appreciation. Praise and recognition should not be missing. After all, how can employees be motivated if they never hear that they do their jobs well and conscientiously and contribute relevant added value to the company?

However, it is also important to distribute the praise in the right place. Things that are taken for granted are not meant here. Tasks that are done well, reliability and positive qualities are qualities in employees that should be constantly emphasized. When employees receive praise and hear that they are doing their job well, they feel part of the team and their motivation to make a difference increases.


One of the most important tips when it comes to employee motivation is a healthy work-life balance. Flexible working hours, enough trust and knowing when to make private life a priority are essential here. If a healthy work-life balance is not guaranteed, the imbalance can very quickly lead to burnout and burnout syndrome is the mortal enemy of motivation. Quite logically, if you are overworked, there is hardly any energy and capacity for motivation. Flexible working hours, the right division of home office and presence in the office and saving energy for stressful times can work wonders here.

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