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Franking Your Mail: Seven Top Tips

Posting mail and letters are an integral part of any industry. But, the process of posting has witnessed a tremendous amount of change. Consequentially, ranked mails or franking your mails has gained popularity in the market.

Its convenient, time-saving, and cost-effective nature has enticed many companies. Professionalism is a valuable asset in any industry, and the introduction of franking has indeed heightened it. Nevertheless, many key factors need to be kept in mind while introducing franking in your workspace. Some tweaks in the overall process can help any enterprise gain the maximum profit.

Seven top tips while franking your mail

While franking has helped many organisations, these tactics are an added benefit.

1) Frank your post mails in bulk

Bulking up your post mails is optimum for maximising even more profit. It saves ample time and proves to be cost-effective. Plus, the Royal mail provides added discounts for collective delivery. The only catch is that this will require you plan your posting periodically.

Consider you have to send a total of 100 post mails over a week and an additional 180 post mails in the following week. If you used franked mail, bulking and sending those 280 post mails together will prove to be more efficient as there is an additional discount on sending 200 to 2000 post mails.

2) Keep updating

Another way to improve the process is to keep the franking system up to date with your information. It serves a dual purpose: it keeps track of your records and can be used if your address or email address changes. Consider a year back you had sent an invoice to a client via franked mail but, the client claims they haven’t received it. Updating your franked mail can be beneficial in such a scenario because you have solid proof.

Hence, tracking and consistently updating the mail you send and receive is a very important practice. It creates transparency which is a blessing in a time of crisis.

3) The ink you use matters

If your company uses a franking machine, make sure the ink is compatible with the model number. If the ink is not suitable, it can cause technical damage over time. Plus, you can also face multiple issues in corroborating your maintenance and warranty agreements.

The advisable way of choosing the correct ink cartilage is by checking if they are Royal Mail approved.

4) Separation of mails

Segregating your post mails is a more productive method of franking. The optimum ways of separating them are:

  • First class/ Second class
  • Standard size/ Large size
  • UK mail/ International mail

The process generates clarity and ease in the process of franking your mail and letters. Inculcating this practise also creates a deeper understanding of the post mails that go out from the company’s end.

5) Folded mails fetch more profit

Something as simple as folding your mail or letter reduces the cost. The Royal Mail PIP (Pricing in proportion) suggests that the rate of a larger mail is higher than smaller mail. Hence, by simply folding the mail, you pay a lesser amount. It is the best option for you if you send out mail in bulk. The totality in the amount you need to pay can show a lot of shifts.

6) Pay attention-to-detail

Meticulous management evokes a smooth functioning for the franking process.

  • The date of posting: Double-checking, the date on the franked mail, is crucial to avoid any form of hassle. Different franking machines have a different set of rules about time. For example, the Mailmark compliant franking machine changes the date after 5pm, so the deadline for posting the mail on the correct date is before 5pm.
  • The amount of the mail: The weight of the mail or letter should be in sync with the pricing model to avoid any form of confusion. Verifying the amount of the franked mail before the payment is necessary.
  • Address on the mail: Wrong address means wrong delivery. Having complete knowledge about the recipient’s correct address removes the possibility of a delay. Keeping a record of the old and new addresses also helps in situations of an address change.

7) An eco-friendly approach

With the rise in social and environmental awareness, the inclusion of an eco-friendly alternative can add value to the ESG aspect of your company. It creates a positive impact on society and helps generate a good reputation for the brand. With a potential of 58% more recyclability, the best approach to this is finding an eco-friendly supplier who keeps solid proof of sustainable procedures in franking. Just make sure the methodology of the supplier promotes recycled papers, lesser pollution, and no form of exploitation.

Parting words

Using these strategies mentioned above, you can make the most of your franking process, adding on a touch of efficiency, productivity and profitability to your office.

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