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Five Rules For SEO Networking: Without Egoism!

Why are there so few SEOs / SEMs who network with honest means? Why do many SEOs have this selfish “take, take, take – and don’t give anything” attitude?

We ended this tragedy long ago and explicitly no longer invite such egoists to regular exchanges.

Therefore: The five rules of SEO networking in a nutshell

  • Give and take! If another SEO tells you a trick, you are forced to shoot something against it. Or at least give him something in some form that could be useful to him. People who sit down at regular tables and listen, write everything down, and don’t say anything quickly make themselves unpopular! If someone reveals a trick or a niche to you, you are forced to act – and should also object to something unsolicited that could be useful to the other! Stop egoism!
  • Silence like a grave! If someone reveals an excellent niche, an SEO trick, their merits, or anything to you, you have to keep silent as a grave under all circumstances! Under no circumstances should you pass this information on to anyone without permission, not even hinting at it! See it as a compliment when an SEO reveals something to you. See it as an opportunity to gain your trust. Because whoever shows something not only immediately loses the confidence of the other – but also has his reputation gone forever. Words of that sort of thing get around quickly!
  • Don’t suddenly appear as a competitor! If an SEO reveals an excellent niche to you, then keep silent and under no circumstances take advantage of the niche for yourself without prior agreement! This will destroy your reputation – enormously! Even if you think the other person wouldn’t notice it anyway, “I’ll just open a domain in my uncle’s name and then copy his idea.”
  • Don’t fool other SEOs! Example: You send a link request to 1000 SEOs, content: “You link me. But you won’t get anything from me, forget it!”. Then maybe 5 of the 1000 SEOs contacted will link you. Whew, got five new backlinks for free? Is that an ingenious strategy? I see different! At that very moment, you pissed off about 995 other SEOs who are annoyed that you are selling them for stupid… and you are already less respected in the SEO community.
  • Appreciation is important! If someone gives you a good tip, they will appreciate it too. See this person as a human and not as a “potential source of secret SEO tricks.”

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And what happens to people who don’t follow the SEO networking rules?

  • Most of them only have “dummy connections.” In other words: They make platonic friends with other SEOs who are just as selfish. Try to elicit secrets from each other without being ready to give something yourself.
  • As a rule, they do not even notice that the SEO community no longer accepts them. As a rule, such people do not even see if they suddenly no longer receive an invitation to regular meetings or if people suddenly break off a small talk that has started after 5 seconds. A lack of social understanding sends its regards…
  • They will never get excellent tips from other SEOs. Simply because they are not members of SEO cliques. But they have to ascribe this exclusion to themselves. Will always remain loners who approach the SEO topic with the “elbow way of thinking” without connections. In case you haven’t noticed: You can’t read the perfect SEO tips in any blog. These are passed on within the SEO connections to the exclusion of the public.

Otherwise, you are threatened with isolation. And one more thing: 85% of all excellent SEO tips that I get come from my SEO colleagues. Colleagues who trust me. Colleagues to whom I also give good suggestions. You provide an excellent recommendation to a round of regulars, and when everyone is “socialized,” you get eight good tips back – isn’t that a brilliant concept? So why run through life as an egoist?

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