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Five Key Factors For Every Landing Page That Will Increase Your Conversion Rate

When it comes to landing page conversion optimization, it is about meeting the user’s expectations. There are many conversion optimization models, such as the behaviour model by BJ Fogg or the 7 level model, which combines many approaches. Away from creating texts about us to content that solves a problem of the people we want to reach.

The five key factors for your landing page

  • Check search intent behind keyword – What is the search intent behind your booked keyword? Is the customer looking for information, or is he about to make a purchase decision? If the customer is looking for information, users prefer organic results. Often the ads from Google are displayed under the organic pages. A landing page for an information-driven keyword will not meet the user’s expectations. Focus on the keyword relevant to your purchase. The Google results exclude whether they are correct.
  • Get to the point – the headline of your landing page reflects the keyword – the subtitle the benefit – clear, understandable and straightforward. For products that require explanation, you only work visually. Avoid long, cumbersome texts.
  • Hero Image – a picture is worth a thousand words. Use less text and more visual media. What feeling do you want to convey? Pay attention to colours, motifs and associations in the course of the landing page optimization.
  • Encourage users to take action – Offer your users a direct option to take action. Test it now, write a request, get to know the product, etc. In this way, you avoid users leaving straight away due to a lack of orientation. The CTA button should be immediately visible above the fold. Pay attention to a contrasting colour here
  • Exit intent – work with exit intent. If the customer wants to leave again, a lightbox/pop-up appears, which notifies the customer of your special offer, text offer, voucher or a video / white paper about a customer experience with your product/service.

Conversion optimization is a discipline in itself. Behavioural patterns and seminars such as neuro-linguistic programming can create far-reaching insights for your business.

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