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Essential Outsourced Check Printing Security Features

While writing checks might seem like a thing of the past for most individuals, they are critical components of many small to medium businesses’ payments. Printing and mailing checks is typically one of the most reliable ways to send money to third-party vendors, such as your contractors and suppliers. However, it’s no secret that printing, writing, and mailing a check is a time consuming process, particularly if you’re sending hundreds or even thousands of checks each week. As a result, many companies choose to hire an outsourced check printing and mailing partner to help manage this side of the business for them.

Outsourced check printing and mailing services can help your accounts payable department by managing all aspects of writing and sending your business checks, so that you never have to waste time manually writing a check again. All you’ll need to do to ensure your payment reaches the intended payee is fill in the relevant address information using an API or CSV file. The time savings that comes with these services can provide you with the opportunity to examine your company’s future, rather than getting caught up in the minutia of day to day operations.

Beyond improving the logistical aspects of sending business checks, an outsourced printing and mailing service can also help increase the security of your company’s payments. When you send checks through the mail, simple missteps can compromise the safety of your company’s funds. In this article, we’ll review a few of the security features you should look for before hiring a new outsourced check printing service.

Secure API Integrations

When you first sign on with an outsourced check printing and mailing partner, you can quickly link your current enterprise and CRM software with the servicing company’s internal systems using a check printing API. APIs are essentially a secure bridge for transferring data between companies, ensuring that all payee and account information remains secure. When you want to order more checks or get information on the current status of your payments, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your existing business management platform.

While most business management platforms offer direct support for API keys, there are still a few situations where you might need a more customized solution. Many check printing and mailing companies offer direct assistance with setting up these integrations, including the support of a full development team. If your company is seeking an alternative to an API link, you can also share payment and account information via a CSV file. However, the information that’s shared through this format will be considerably less secure.

High-Security Check Stock

A significant portion of check security comes down to the quality of your check stock. If you’re using a cheaper product in house, there are quite a few upgrades you can make to keep your company’s money safe. Fourdrinier watermarks, chemical wash detection boxes and microprinting are all examples of security features that your check stock should include.

Microfibers, laid lines for the front and back of the check, and copy void pantograph can also help to reduce the chances of check fraud. When you hire an outsourced check printing company, you’ll never have to worry about these features again- you’ll automatically have the best check stock security.

Flexible Mailing Options

The less time your checks spend in the mail, the more secure they’ll be. Two day mailing is usually the standard for most check printing companies. However, there are a select few service providers that can provide a faster turn around. When you’re searching for an outsourced check printing company that supports your business, consider looking for overnight mailing options instead. If you send in a check printing request before 9 or 10am, your outsourcing partner should be able to guarantee that your checks are printed, processed, and mailed before close of business.

Security and Compliance Certifications

Because your outsourced check printing company will be handling a significant amount of your company and client’s secure information, it’s essential that they offer you the guarantees that come with PCI certifications and SOC data security standards. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants manages SOC type 1 and type 2 certifications, which ensure that the business managing your information follows the AICPA’s systems and organizations protocols.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPPA, also provides certifications for businesses that indicate their ability to securely handle patient and client information. If your check printing and mailing partner cannot provide these types of certifications, it might be a good idea to look elsewhere.

Disaster Recovery Plans

Disaster recovery plans ensure that your information remains safe in the event of a security breath at the outsourced company’s physical location. If the safety of the company’s physical servers are compromised, there should be lockdown protocols that keep you and your payee’s information as safe as possible. While this is of course an extremely unlikely event, it’s usually a good idea to be as prepared as possible for this type of situation.

Conclusion- Essential Outsourced Check Printing Security Features

Working with an outsourced check printing and mailing partner will not only make it easier than ever to send automated and bulk dispatches of checks- it will also make keeping your company’s information safe a simple process. API integrations and data security certifications help to guarantee the safety of account and payee information, while check stock features and flexible mailing options prevent there from being an issue while the payment is in transit.

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