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Digital Endomarketing: A Strategy To Follow

Currently, marketing has become very important in all companies, and, with the passage of time, new strategies are emerging to implement that help them to get closer to the end customer.

Endomarketing is a set of digital marketing strategies and actions that are focused, above all, on improving the relationship and internal well-being of the organization’s workers and collaborators, with the aim of involving them in the business so that they feel a increased motivation, thus improving your productivity.

In other words, we could define it as internal marketing , which can sometimes go unnoticed, but has an important role in any external marketing action.

Steps to apply Endomarketing

  • Examine the environment, that is, study everything that happens within the company, such as communication, workspaces, the relationship between employees, etc. With this, we seek to identify the job satisfaction of the staff in order to improve.
  • Define all the objectives to be achieved, such as, for example, an increase in motivation, reinforcing the relationship between work teams.
  • Draw up an action plan, from the initial moment in which this practice is implemented, until its implementation.
  • Measure the results, establishing KPI’s that let you know if the strategy is advancing or not, and thus make changes.

Digital Endomarketing tools

  • Social networks, in order to obtain more visibility and to serve as a channel that manages corporate communication.
  • Blog, where content is generated that is useful to all team members, spreading tips and advice, good work practices, courses, etc.
  • Email marketing, with monthly newsletters with data of interest to the team, events or actions carried out in the company during that month.

Advantages of Endomarketing within a company

  • Higher quality of work by having motivated and involved workers.
  • Improved communication between departments.
  • Increased productivity of the work team.
  • Employee loyalty by improving their work well-being.

Digital Endomarketing, as we have explained, is a strategy that is recommended to be applied to all companies, whatever their size, since it is capable of improving and reinventing their internal communication channel.

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