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Avoid Debts With Social Security

Having debts with Social Security or the Treasury always brings problems, and more if we have them with this type of public organization. We must be aware of the effects that not being up to date with the administration can cause us, such as the impossibility of accessing subsidies from the State or bonuses in Social Security contributions. In addition, we will have to bear some penalties such as suffering surcharges or embargoes on our accounts.

Having debts with the Treasury means suffering an added penalty such as the denial of tax deferrals. On the other hand, the damages for owning debts with Social Security are more rigorous, and we must analyze them in detail.

Consequences for debts in the self-employment fees

In retirement

If we reach the moment of retirement with a pending payment, different situations could arise. In the first place, as self-employed, we could not enjoy the pension if we have debts with Social Security, so we will have to settle them or, where appropriate, request a postponement.

On the other hand, if we were unable to pay our debt to management because it is considered uncollectible, they could consider our debt uncollectible. However, the period pending payment would be deducted from the total time quoted when calculating the pension, and we should continue working to reach the minimum required.

When collecting a benefit

We must be aware that having any freelance fee pending payment prevents us from requesting any economic benefit, such as maternity. The most common is that if we decide to request a benefit, we are invited to pay our debt when making the request. If the debt is too large, the best solution will be to request a postponement to regularize our situation and collect the benefit if we cannot assume it at once. It should be noted that those that are less than 1,300 euros are not considered as deferred debts by Social Security.

Consequences for debts in workers’ social security

It is said that a company is in a situation of overdraft when it does not pay the social security of its workers. This overdraft usually occurs mainly for two reasons: due to total non-payment during a certain period or due to the payment of installments outside the established period.

If this situation continues over time, the employer will become directly responsible for the benefits to which their workers may be entitled. This means that if any of our workers are terminated, we would have to be the ones who pay them the disability benefit or unemployment benefit in the case of dismissal. This could also happen if a worker contributes to a lower salary than they receive.

In the first instance, the National Institute of Social Security would pay the corresponding benefit to the worker. However, it could later claim the corresponding payment from the company. However, it should be noted that occasional discoveries do not usually lead to these types of consequences, which are reserved only for prolonged discoveries by the employer.

How to resolve debts with Social Security

When it comes to avoiding that, after the non-payment of one or two monthly installments, the debts with Social Security become excessive. One of the best solutions is to face the payment and catch up through some online credit. This option is fast, simple, and quite comfortable dealing quickly with unforeseen expenses when you do not have the necessary liquidity.

The advantages offered by online loans are numerous, which causes the number of applications to increase with each passing year. Among its different benefits, the immediacy stands out since after having correctly completed the application, we could have the money in our checking account in an approximate period of 10 or 15 minutes. These are fast, paperless credits through which you can save time in terms of bureaucracy, information, or document requirements. Another advantage they offer is the possibility of requesting them from anywhere, at any time, and from any device such as computers or smartphones.

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