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Are You Creating A Business? Then Don’t Forget About The Social, Fiscal And legal Issues

Building a legal, fiscal and social environment suited to your business is important. But this can only be defined once the whole project is built. Indeed, if you start with a team and want to become an international company, you will not choose the same legal form for your company as if you want to stay in France and work alone.

The objectives of the chapter on the legal, fiscal and social construction of your company

This article will help you define the legal, social and fiscal framework most suited to your project and your ambitions (your vision). In the various articles of this section, we will see successively what are the statutes with which you can endow your company, the taxation which will affect your company, as well as the social schemes… without forgetting the problem of the association of entrepreneurs.

Read these articles carefully! Indeed, even if the “administrative” side may seem off-putting, it is essential to build your business on solid legal foundations. We give you the keys to do this.

Everything You Need To Know About The Legal Form Of The Company

Which legal form to choose for your business? The sole proprietorship? Society? In each case, the tax regime and the decision-making system will be very different. In this article, we give you details on the different types of the existing structure (SA, SAS, SARL…). We also come back to the concept of distribution of share capital, and to the role and powers of partners and shareholders. Finally, we specify who can be a corporate officer.

Create Your Own Business: Start Your Activity As A Company

If you choose to start your activity by giving your company the status of a company, this does not mean that the functioning is frozen, nor that you are forced (e) to fairly share the power of decision. Several levers allow you to set up the operation that suits you. Thus, you can act on the distribution of the share capital, ensure that your partners are not necessarily active within the company, add to the articles of association a shareholders’ agreement.

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Understand Business Taxation

In terms of the corporate tax regime, there is corporate tax and income tax. In terms of the tax system, there are no less than four different models. Finally, the Value Added Tax (VAT) that we pay without really realizing it as a consumer becomes a tangible and concrete reality for any entrepreneur. Fortunately, it is not that complicated to navigate. In this article, we give you all the information you need to know about corporate taxation.

Understanding Social Regimes

What are the different social plans that exist for a corporate officer? In which case can one claim it? In this article, we take stock of these different questions. We would also like to remind you of the main principles of social security plans and of the possible statuses for employees within the company. Finally, we give some examples to illustrate these technical points. More details in our article on social security schemes applicable to companies.

Choose The Right Legal Status For The Company

Now you know what types of taxation and social security you may be subject to. You still have to choose the legal status of the company: this cannot be done without considering all the specificities of your company … and those that are specific to you, your family and you. Because beyond the type of company you are going to choose, you will also have to think about protecting your property, your person and your family. In this article, we tell you how to make the right choices.

Company Status: Criteria To Know When Choosing

Beyond the most important points, mentioned in the previous article, other factors must be considered in determining the legal form of the company. Thus, depending on the status chosen, the administrative and operational management will not be the same. Likewise, one legal form or another has different financial impacts. Before making your final decision, also read our article on the status of the company, which includes examples.

Company Organization

The premises, the accounting and the various insurances are thorny questions, and which can have a lasting impact on your daily management and your results. It is preferable to make up your mind as quickly as possible… knowing however that all this is obviously regulated. For example, domiciling your business at home is not just a simple matter. In this article on business organization, we give you additional details on these different practical points.

Help To Start A Business

Several types of assistance exist for entrepreneurs:

  • The social benefits: they can emanate a particular jobcentre.
  • The tax incentives: these tax cuts in certain circumstances.
  • The private financial aid: various players are likely to fund a business.
  • The restructuring aid: they result in particular in the information and training.

We take stock with you on these different aids and how to apply for them.

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