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How To Get Organized At Work: 6 Tips

How to organize yourself at work in these hyperconnected times?, With the amount of information that circulates in front of our eyes and the constant stimuli that we receive through the numerous devices that surround us, optimizing tasks in a way that makes the most of time is not so easy.

We get distracted, we look at hundreds of web pages when we were looking for a specific one, we chat or answer personal emails during working hours and, at the end of the day, it may happen that many of the tasks that we had planned to finish that day are still pending. And then we have no choice but to work more hours.

How to organize tasks and times

However, as specialists in time management and productivity at work suggest , to work efficiently -using the least possible amount of resources (in this case, time)- it is enough to learn to organize tasks . Here are some of his recommendations for gaining productivity at work:

  • Select the emails: Sometimes the number of e-mails can be overwhelming and even more so if you add instant messaging or social networks. To be more productive, it is advisable to answer work-related ones first . Messages from Facebook and other social networks, as well as personal emails, are not in a hurry and we can now answer them from home.
  • Follow your own personal clock: Each person feels more productive at different times of the workday. It is only a matter of knowing how to identify the most productive moment of oneself and take advantage of that time to carry out the most important tasks. Experts recommend setting small routines adjusted to those times. For example, deciding to work non-stop between 9:00 and 12:00, knowing that in that framework one manages to complete more tasks and organize to fulfill them.
  • Make lists: When work piles up and everything seems very urgent, we can get stuck and not know where to start. Lists can help you prioritize some tasks over others in order of importance. If we don’t know, we can briefly ask the boss to tell us which project is most urgent.
  • To rest: According to specialists, it is important to stop for 5 or 10 minutes to refresh ideas and relax the mind. We can take the opportunity to walk, make a call or have a coffee with colleagues. But, if we want to be productive, we should avoid spending too much time in a break, or we run the risk of feeling overwhelmed by the volume of work when we rejoin. We can also listen to music at work if it helps us focus.
  • Sort the files: Although at first it may seem irrelevant, giving a document an appropriate name saves us a lot of time when we are looking for it. Grouping them in folders according to the theme that we consider appropriate, as well as placing labels to differentiate them at a glance, can also help.
  • Focus attention: While browsing the Internet looking for specific information, we come across a wide variety of stimuli that can easily distract our attention . Sometimes, we open navigation tabs and end up losing the focus of attention. From interesting articles or urgent news to travel or product offers… it is important to know how to say “no” to temptations and leave them for another time when they do not take away our work time.

As you can see, it is relatively easy to organize yourself at work, and if you are also a resilient person who is capable of handling the situation whatever the circumstance, you will work more comfortably and organized.

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