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5 Necessary Skills For Conflict Resolution At Work

Maintaining a positive relationship between the workers of a company is essential for them to feel comfortable in their jobs. However, it happens that, on occasion, misunderstandings and confrontations arise that jeopardize the good working environment. In this article we tell you 5 soft skills that will help you solve and prevent this type of situation.

What are labor disputes?

Labor conflict is understood as any discussion, dispute, disagreement and, in the most serious cases, lack of respect between one or several workers within an organization . These disagreements hinder relationships between employees, deteriorate the work environment and hinder the achievement of the objectives of the teams and, ultimately, of the company.

Therefore, being able to deal with this type of situation and, above all, preventing it, is essential to develop a positive work environment, face possible challenges together and ensure satisfactory results for the company.

How to detect if there are conflicts at work?

Although there are circumstances in which the existence of labor problems between male and female workers is evident, there are also other cases in which these are not so easy to detect.

One of the factors that often indicates that the work environment is not adequate is the high turnover of personnel . The resignation of several of the workers of an organization in a relatively short period of time is usually an unequivocal sign that something is wrong, and the cause could be the existence of one or more conflicts between the members of the staff.

Likewise, if you perceive that the company’s staff has lowered the level of productivity or that some of the workers show restlessness and/or nervousness, it is probably due to the fact that they do not feel comfortable in their job, and this situation It could be derived from a bad relationship between the working people.

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5 conflict resolution skills

To promote a healthy work environment and reduce the differences between the members of a workforce, there are several skills that, if well developed, will have a positive impact on labor relations. Next, we explain 5 of them .

1. Assertiveness

Assertiveness is the ability to express one’s own emotions and ideas in a clear and calm manner, without incurring disrespect towards others and without allowing others to attack us. Developing this skill is essential to be able to establish fluid conversations and to replace discussion with a productive dialogue that allows both parties to feel taken into account.

2. Active listening

Active listening consists of paying full attention to what our interlocutor is telling us, taking into account all the details of the message that is being communicated to us and asking questions, always politely, in case more information is needed.

In the event of a conflict, putting this skill into practice will help us better understand the point of view of the person in front of us, and will also make that person feel heard and valued.

3. Empathy

Empathy is the ability that we human beings have to put ourselves in the place of others, understanding their feelings and their reactions and also the reasons why they feel in a certain way. This ability will allow us to create healthy relationships with the rest of the company’s workers and will help us understand the other when differences arise, thus preventing the appearance of conflicts.

4. Tolerance

Tolerance is the ability to respect ideas and thoughts that are different from our own, even in those cases where we do not share what the other person is expressing. Being able to tolerate what is different is essential to prevent misunderstandings and problems that can erode relationships between working people. In addition, being tolerant will also allow us to enrich our points of view, as well as foster acceptance among equals.

5. Responsibility

In our work life, as in the personal sphere, all of us make mistakes and make mistakes. Therefore, to avoid possible conflicts, it is very important that we take responsibility for the consequences of our actions, as well as that we fulfill our promises and obligations. In this way, we will be being more honest with each other and creating a space for mutual trust.

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