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5 Advantages Of Distance Learning Platforms

Technological changes have affected all sectors, including education. Currently, there are numerous tools that facilitate new ways of implementing education. At present, distance learning platforms are highly required by companies and students.

Its effectiveness during the months of confinement due to the pandemic has proven to be very useful. Therefore, many companies decided to implement it. However, distance educational platforms are not only useful for specific cases such as the pandemic. Its effectiveness was more than demonstrated and caused many educational centers and companies to opt for this modality, instead of returning to face-to-face.

1. Education without commonplaces

Traditionally, education was implemented in an educational center, be it schools, institutes, universities, academies, etc. The Internet has caused the form to change, but not the content .

Currently, it is not necessary for all students to be in the same space. And much less, that the teacher has to be in the same classroom as his students. Distance learning platforms allow you to follow teaching from your home, your office or any other place with an Internet connection.

In addition, these tools allow interaction between teachers and students just as if teaching were face-to-face. Two-way communication or the ability to share materials are different aspects that distance learning platforms allow.

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2. The end of the schedules

Many people who receive training work. This means that, on many occasions, they cannot attend classes. This barrier disappears with distance learning platforms. These tools allow the teacher to upload the contents (classes, exercises, tests, slides…) to the platform. In addition, students can download these contents at the most convenient time for them. In this way, the schedules are finished and each student decides their own rhythm and their own study hours.

This freedom of time is an incentive for many workers who want to train in various subjects and do not have enough time to do so. Thanks to the distance learning platforms, the schedules will be those that they themselves stipulate, so they will never be forced to miss classes due to having to work.

3. Improvement of technological knowledge

We live in a fully digitized world. Not knowing about technology today is something that no one can afford if they want to work. The implementation of distance learning platforms are a good incentive to learn to use technology . These tools work 100% through the network, and a technological device is required to deliver the lessons. Therefore, all students and teachers should have some basic notions about technology.

In addition, due to the use of this technology on a regular basis, your knowledge of this field will improve exponentially, coming to control certain aspects that you previously did not have to know about. All this technological experience is very useful for the future of many people, especially the youngest.

4. Cost reduction with distance learning platforms

The company that implements the classes also has multiple benefits thanks to the use of distance learning platforms. Face-to-face classrooms always have a limited number of people who can attend.

In addition, it is very difficult to find large spaces, with universities being the few centers that have classes capable of holding more than 100 students.

However, distance learning platforms allow entry to many more students , so the school or company that provides the teaching will have greater benefits.

As if this is not enough, there are many other savings that will increase the benefits. Teachers will not have to travel; it is not necessary to rent a room or classroom; the devices used are personal, therefore, the company will not have to invest in equipment; etc

5. Customization

Distance learning platforms have the ability to adapt to both the company and the students. In this way, the needs of both parties will be fully satisfied. In the case of students, they will not only be able to customize their schedules or the place where they teach the class. They will also be able to decide the language of the platform, the rhythm of content or even the order of these.

For their part, teachers will be able to upload content of all kinds to the platform. In this way, the experience will be much better for students, who can find videos, infographics, tests, etc.

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