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10 Effective Tips For A Job Interview

Are you going to do a job interview? Don’t let your nerves take over. We bring you 10 really effective tips to be successful.

The moment of the job interview is the most relevant of the entire job search process. After spending hours in front of the computer sending your CV, being interested in companies, and even getting in touch with them, the decisive moment comes the job interview.

If you can get to this phase, you have to take the lesson learned previously. That is why we bring you the 10 most useful tips that will help you overcome the job interview.

10 Tips For A Job Interview

1. Research

The first step to being successful in an interview is doing research. In this sense, find out everything you can about the company: what it does, philosophy, what its products or services are, who will interview you (usually it will be someone from human resources), etc.

In this sense, you can use the Internet to visit the company’s website or LinkedIn to know the workers and the positions they hold. This last step can help you figure out who your interviewer will be.

2. Arrange the Best Time for the Interview

Whenever possible, it is recommended that you speak with your interviewer and agree that the interview takes place at a relaxed and unhurried time. That is, the person responsible for interviewing you is not under a heavy workload, as is usually the case at the end of the week or just before going home. So it is best to arrange the meeting sometime in the middle of the week and at mid-morning.

3. Train Yourself to Respond

Before conducting the interview, it is vitally important that you have it prepared in advance to avoid leaving answers to improvisation. To this end, you have to go over the possible questions in an interview. Check the link to see all the questions you will have to answer. Prepare them well and you will surely succeed. Here is an example of how you can answer the interviewer’s questions successfully.

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4. Image Matters

When you are preparing to conduct the interview, remember that your image matters. First impressions are often vital to being successful. In this sense and following the advice of experts in the psychology of color, blue is the most suitable for this type of situation, since it transmits tranquility. On the other hand, colors like white or gray will show that you are an organized and serious person, just like black, which suggests an elegant touch.

5. Take Care of the Gestures

At the time of the interview, it is important that you take care of your non-verbal communication. Factors such as a firm handshake, smiling, looking into the eyes, and standing tall convey that you are confident and determined. So avoid crossing your arms or hesitating. Stay calm and think positively. You have nothing to lose, so relax and get the best of yourself.

6. Copy your Interviewer

We already know it seems strange, but read on. When we tell you to copy your interviewer, we want to tell you to act as he does, to become his mirror. That is, it copies their non-verbal communication. It is what is known as the mirror technique and it serves to generate confidence in our interlocutor. Experts have shown that when two people make similar gestures, they feel much more comfortable with each other.

7. Analyze the Environment Where you will Conduct the Interview

In this sense, when you go to be interviewed, look at the setting where you are. If there is more than one interviewer, you should make eye contact with all of them since you don’t know who will really make the decision to hire you.

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8. Show your Personality

Normally, when a company asks you for an interview it is because it already knows your skills and believes that you can fit in the position that is offered. For this reason, in the meeting with the interviewer, try to show your personality, especially with regard to values, behavior, and ethics. The interviewer will seek to know if you are suitable to work in the company.

9. Prepare to Know how to Answer Difficult Questions

In any job interview, you are going to have to face difficult questions. Why you were fired from your last job or what are your weak points will be some of them. Before going to the job interview, make sure you have practiced these questions to know how to answer them at the key moment.

10. Do not be Left with Doubts: Ask

Before finishing the job interview, they may ask you if you have any questions or questions you want to ask. Well, in this case, your answer should always be ‘Yes’. You will find some of the questions you can ask in point 7 of our post on key questions in a job interview. When you have resolved all your doubts, end the interview by referring to positive aspects such as your achievements or abilities. Also, thank your interviewer for the time they have dedicated to you, and don’t forget to show them your interest in the job one last time.

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